Heating and Cooling System Replacement

As your heating system ages, it can lose efficiency or stop working altogether. Call Discount Plumbing and Heating, a division of Discount, Inc., now to take advantage of our top-of-the-line services and competitive prices. With so many options available, you can trust our specialists to find the solutions that will help make your home a better place.


Whether you are building a new home or upgrading to a new, more efficient system in your present home, Discount Plumbing and Heating offers systems with the capacity, efficiency, and price that suit your needs.

Our Master License holder and install team provide the best final product in the industry. Every installation must pass our internal inspections, along with a city inspection, ensuring you the most professional and highest quality installation.

Energy Efficiency

We also offer Energy Star© rated heating systems, which can save you up to 30% on your heating costs this winter, while also helping you stay warm. This high-efficiency equipment must be installed exactly to manufacturer specifications to function at full capacity, making it more important than ever to choose the right company to install your equipment. For this reason, local utility companies recommend only using the installers that they certify. Discount Plumbing and Heating is one of these certified companies.


Discount Plumbing and Heating holds Class A licenses that allow us to install furnace and air conditioning in the entire state of Minnesota, including Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our heating specialists. We will answer any questions you may have and discuss every stage of the process, while helping you determine your systemís needs.


For your convenience, Discount Plumbing and Heating handles the entire permit process including filing paperwork, scheduling inspections, and finalizing the job.

Federal Tax Credits

There are new federal tax credits available for 30% of the cost of qualified home improvements (including HVAC and water heaters), up to $1500. Check the Energy Star website for more information.